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To help you to download JINS MEME SDK and start programming your application(s) which interacts with JINS MEME, the following guidance provides you with the overview of SDK and how it works.
You won't need to understand the specifications of Bluetooth 4.0 completely, yet some specific BLE words are found in this document.
JINS MEME SDK requires CoreBluetooth framework. Please add this framework to your project on XCode.



iOS 8 or later / Objective C


Bluetooth 4.0 (BLE) - This document includes terms specific in BLE.


JINS MEME has two data modes: the Standard Mode where data is transmitted once every minute in a bid to cut back on power consumption; and Real-time Mode where data is sent at a frequency of approximately 20Hz. Please note that the JINS MEME SDK can only be used in Real Time Mode.

Data Acquisition
The API will provide two different modes: real-time and standard modes to support various kinds of applications. Only Real-time Mode data is available to developers in the JINS MEME SDK (Standard Mode data not available).
Real-time mode
Real-time Mode can be used for “instant” data acquisition and analysis i.e. to understand your movement during running and workouts or to use eye movement as a controller for entertainment or gaming purposes.
(Roughly 20Hz depending on the transmission speed between JINS MEME and smartphone)
  • Data on Eyes
    • ・Eye movement
    • ・Blinks
    • ・Blink speed (sec)
    • ・Blink strength (Generally falls between 50 to 200.)
  • Data on Body
    • ・Posture angle
    • ・Walking pace
    • ・Acceleration
  • Data on JINS MEME
    • ・Battery usage
    • ・Data detection error and fit check to ensure sensors are properly aligned on the face
Standard mode
Standard mode can be used to capture data acquisition and analysis over longer time periods i.e. for activity tracking and life-logging throughout a day.
(Sent to smartphone every minute. Collected data for up to 16 hours can be stored within JINS MEME even without connection to a smartphone)
  • Data on Eyes
    • ・Number of blinks (per min)
    • ・Number of blinks (per sec)
    • ・Average blink speed (per min)
    • ・Average blink strength (per min)
    • ・Average intervals between blinks
    • ・Total number of eye movement (Right and Left, per min)
    • ・Total number of eye movement (Up and Down, per min)
  • Data on Body
    • ・Number of steps
    • ・Body sway while walking (up / down)
    • ・Body sway while walking (right / left and forward / backward)
    • ・Step cycle (Right foot and Left foot)
  • Unique Data Measured by JINS MEME
    • ・Sleepiness
    • ・Focus level
    Data on JINS MEME
    • ・Battery usage
    • ・Data detection error and fit check to ensure sensors are properly aligned on the face

Procedures Before Using the JINS MEME SDK

In order to develop and distribute a JINS MEME application, you will need to obtain your own App ID and App Secret. Please set up a JINS account, and create your app. Please note that you will need to specify your App ID and App Secret in the MEMELib setAppClientId argument. MEMELib will not operate without authentication.

JINS MEME and Apps

JINS MEME is designed so that it can be used from multiple apps at the same time. So when developing your app, you need to consider that it will likely be used with other apps at the same time.

Connecting to MEME when already connected to multiple apps or another app

When connecting to JINS MEME for the first time, you need to advertise by pressing the JINS MEME button. Please note when you do so, you will be disconnecting JINS MEME from any other apps.

In order to avoid this from happening, the JINS MEME SDK offers a procedure in which it re-connects with other apps that were once disconnected.

If there is already a JINS MEME connected when you run the MemeLib::startScanningPeripherals command, you will immediately get a CBPeripheral object back which shows the connected JINS MEME device(s). Then connect to the appropriate JINS MEME.

Command results can be received from other apps

The JINS MEME SDK does not allow commands to be run in the background. However, it is possible to receive commands from JINS MEME even if they are in the background. Please note that the SDK is designed in such a way that you may unexpectedly receive execution results for commands that you did not execute.

Reconnecting to a disconnected session

There will be times during the course of your day when JINS MEME disconnects, such as when you put down the cell phone that is connected to JINS MEME to leave the room momentarily. JINS MEME automatically reconnects when there is an unexpected disconnection so that JINS MEME does not need to be advertised and scanned each time this happens.

Starting and stopping communication in the background is not permitted

As JINS MEME is capable of connecting to multiple applications simultaneously via the SDK, the application is not capable of controlling MEME in the background.

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